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Exploring the rest of the story.

Welcome to our walk. In the next months, we will explore what might be the rest of the story for various Bible characters.

We won’t drive through or even cycle through; we will walk through the Scriptures pausing to look not just at the main characters, but also the characters with bit parts. We’ll ask questions, like, “What is your back story? What have you suffered? What brought you into this moment?”

We may see ourselves as we shuffle along––see our pride, our impatience, our victories, or our pain. Let’s decide now to see with new eyes, to catch unheard words, to feel the angst or the mounting anticipation of these characters who were real people, not just fictional characters in a story.

We will take a look at many people including Jesus himself. In fact, let’s start with Jesus in Mark 1:21.

21 They [Jesus and a few of His disciples] went to Capernaum,
and when the Sabbath came, Jesus went to the synagogue
and began to teach.


The synagogues in Jesus’ day were used for worship and Torah readings, but mainly for teaching. Teaching was Jesus’ specialty. But He was not just your run-of-the-mill teacher.

22 The people were amazed at his teaching.

Oh, don’t you wish people would say that about you? “He’s an amazing preacher.” “She’s an amazing Sunday School teacher.” “Look how they find teaching opportunities in everyday things. What amazing parents they are!”

What captivated the people so? His parables, his stories, his illustrations? Indeed, and how. He used appropriate illustrations the people would understand––fishing stories by the seashore, shepherd stories on the hillside, and farming parables in the small towns.

The people were impressed with Jesus’ miracles of healing. The miracles helped endear Him to the people.

No doubt, He demonstrated the fruit of the Spirit––love, joy, peace, kindness, etc. All these attributes were attractive, but why were they amazed at his teaching?

…because he taught them as one who had authority,
not as the teachers of the law.

Stay tuned for more on this subject next week.